Tampa Fiber Optic Installations

Tampa Fiber Optic Installations

The First Choice in Tampa Fiber Installation

When it comes to choosing a team for getting your fiber network up and running, Metro Services Group is the first choice for a Tampa fiber installer. Our skilled engineers can handle all phases of your installation, including design, deployment and maintenance, and will build a network that will be flexible and capable of handling your network needs as your business grows. Fiber optic cable has the capacity to handle the loads of future technology. Installing a solid network foundation now will have your company poised to handle advanced technology and your company’s future growth.


Fiber Optics or Copper Cable?

With every Tampa fiber installation there is a primary question: fiber optics or copper? While both cables are viable installation choices, more and more, fiber optic cable is the better choice for a versatile, long-lasting network. The location of your network, the type of work performed on the network and the anticipated growth of your company are all taken into account when designing and deploying your network. Our engineers will recommend the material that will provide the most effective solution for your specific installation.

Our Commitment: Customers Come First

At Metro Services Group, we are committed to our customers’ success. We are a family-owned business that chooses to operate without vendor influence, which allows us the freedom to provide unbiased consultative services on every Tampa fiber optic installation. We use only high-quality material that we source from world-class manufacturers, and proudly deliver cost-effective solutions to each of our customers.

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Tampa Network Cabling

Tampa Network Cabling

Network Cabling in Tampa

If you need network cabling in Tampa, turn to the area’s contractor of choice: Metro Services Group. Our highly skilled engineers can design, deploy and maintain a network that handles all of your current business requirements along with the flexibility to meet your future needs. We are well versed in all network types, from voice and video to wireless and security, and we can provide a cost-effective network solution that will support every aspect of your business.

Cable for Every Need

At Metro Services Group, we are equipped to handle any Tampa network cabling need. We are experts in the latest hardware, and only install high-quality material from our world-class manufacturers. We offer:

We Put Customers First

Our goal is to provide your business with a network cabling solution that allows your business to perform at its highest level. We are committed to our customers and have become a model of excellence in our industry. Our family-owned business operates without influence from vendors, which allows us to provide unbiased consultative services and deliver custom, cost-effective networks that meet all the business needs of our customers.

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White Noise Machine for Office

White Noise Machine for Office Applications

Office Noise Reduction

Studies have shown that overhead conversations are the biggest complaint in today’s open office environment. The distractions these conversations cause can affect everything from productivity to turnover. Conversely, an office that is too quiet and allows private conversations to be overheard can be just as problematic. Office sound masking is an effective way to manage noise levels in an open office and increase productivity and privacy.


Certified Integrators

At Metro Services Group, we are Certified Integrators of VoiceArrest,TM a state-of-the-art office sound masking system. Our highly skilled technicians can design and install an office noise reduction system that tunes out distractions without becoming one, while seamlessly fitting the demands of your business and the constraints of your working environment.

Benefits of Noise Mitigation

The benefits of a professionally installed a white noise machine in your office can be felt both immediately and over time. Fewer distractions allow performance and productivity to increase right away, and truly private offices allow business to be conducted without worry. Over time, companies can see significant savings from a more focused workforce and lower turnover of employees working in a more comfortable environment.

Cost-Effective Noise Solutions

Our family-owned business has grown to be the contractor of choice in the Tampa area. Let the experts at Metro Services Group design and install a cost-effective office noise reduction system for your business and create a more productive and inviting working environment.

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Structured Cabling Technician

Structured Cabling Technician

The Role of Your Structured Cable Technician


Your structured cabling is the backbone of your network infrastructure. While it is vital to your business, it is only as good as the technicians who install it. Turn to Metro Services Group’s qualified team of structured cable technicians for the design, engineering, deployment and maintenance of the cable infrastructure for your business. On every job, our skilled professionals deliver first-class designs and installations while providing outstanding service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Expert Structured Cable Technicians

As experts in all networks, including voice, data, audio, video, security and wireless, we’re prepared to help you with all aspects of your converged technologies. We’ll provide flexible, cost-effective solutions that will allow you to handle not only your current levels of productivity, but also your future growth and addition of emerging technologies.

Customers Are Our Top Priority

One of the benefits our customers receive working with Metro Services Group is our unbiased consultative services. Because we serve our customers without influence from vendors, we are able to put our customers’ best interests first on every job. As a family-owned business, we take pride in delivering cost-effective cabling solutions that support your business and its growth.

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Tampa Structured Cabling

Tampa Structured Cabling

for your growing technology network.

Structured Cabling in Tampa

If you’re looking to have the cable infrastructure of your Tampa business designed, engineered, deployed or maintained, you’ll find the help you need from Metro Services Group. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you with all phases of your structured cabling in Tampa and the Bay Area. We’re experts in all networks, including voice, data, audio, video, security and wireless, and we provide flexible, cost-effective information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to support your business from the ground up.

Structured Cabling: Your Technology Foundation

Your structured cabling solution is the heart of your technology network and vital to its operation. If it doesn’t work, nothing works. Our engineers will design a system that will provide the foundation for your network infrastructure. This flexible system will support your business needs today, and in the future, by complying with current industry standards while allowing for growth and integration of emerging and evolving technologies.

Committed to Our Customers

Since opening in 2004, family-owned Metro Services has grown to become the contractor of choice for structured cabling in Tampa. Our commitment to our customers and excellence in our industry, has allowed us to be independent of vendors and provide unbiased consultations. We only work with products from world-class manufacturers to ensure that we provide your business with the optimum structured cabling solution.

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Tampa Data Cabling

Tampa Data Cabling

flexible, cost-effective solutions for your changing data needs.

Data Cabling in Tampa

Your business utilizes a unique technology mix to deliver solutions to your customers. No matter which technologies you employ—voice, data, audio, video, security or wireless—Metro Services Group can provide a flexible foundation for your converged technologies, as well as solutions for all of your data cabling needs. From design and engineering to deployment and maintenance, our engineers will deliver a network infrastructure ready to handle your current requirements and your future growth.


Structured Data Cabling

Our engineers are experts in the latest hardware and only use high-quality data cabling material from world-class manufacturers.

  • Complete network data cabling
  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a cable
  • Cat 7 copper cable
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Testing
  • Patch Panels

Putting Our Customers First

At Metro Group Services, we put each customer’s best interests at the forefront of every job. This position allows us to serve our clients independent of vendor influence and provide them unbiased consultative services. Our family-owned business has grown to become the contractor of choice for data cabling in Tampa, and we are poised to provide your business with a cost-effective cabling solution to support your business’ mission.

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