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    About Metro

    Founded in 2004 and family-owned, Metro has grown to become the contractor of choice in our industry while providing a safe, exciting and challenging workplace for our employees. We are committed to hard-work, integrity, responsiveness, creativity and teamwork. Our goal is to provide quality installations that are industry standard compliant, functional, and cost effective.

    Our commitment to our customer’s best interests allows us to be vendor-independent and provide unbiased consultative services. Metro will help you choose an optimum solution for your organization by bringing you products from world-class manufacturers – manufacturers that are leaders in technology innovation.


    Premier Provider of ICT Solutions

    Metro Services Group, Inc. delivers seamless information and communications technology (ICT) solutions that are cost effective, flexible and implemented in support of our clients’ mission and service.

    Our end-to-end capabilities include planning, integration, installation and/or detail-oriented project management of our customer’s voice, data, audio, video, security/surveillance and wireless networks to the quality and industry standards clients should expect. In short, we provide the foundation for all of your converged technologies.

    Structured Cabling

    Quality structured cabling is vital for the success of your business. Our experts will take care of your data, voice and wireless structured cabling needs both on premises and outside plant from planning to implementation.

    Safety & Security

    From closed circuit to access control and intrusion detection, Metro has the expertise and experience to assure that your company is protected.


    Communication is the key to a profitable business. We are the premier audio.visual experts in the Tampa area using cutting edge technology to create cost effective solutions.


    Audio and Visual Solutions for Your Business

    Whether you are promoting your brand, instructing those eager to learn, or merely employing best infrastructure practices, Metro Services can bring clarity and vision to any obstacle.


    From simple speaker installation to enhanced sound architecture, Metro Services incorporates art and science into every design.


    With an increasing number of offices shifting to a more open plan with few walls or doors, pink noise and white noise generation requests have gone up in tandem. This allows more conversational privacy in roomy locations. Without pink noise, which is on the same sound spectrum as human speech, dialogue can be heard intelligibly from up to 50 feet away.


    If you need to reach everyone or just someone specific, a paging system is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with people in multiple rooms, floors, and buildings. From small offices, to factory floors, to airports and schools, we can recommend a sound solution.

    Sound Reinforcement

    Through strategically placed wired/wireless microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and receivers, we can transform any space into a performance or learning environment. Our professionals will know what setup is right for you so the people in the back row can hear everything you say.


    We live in a visual world. Retrofitting technology into existing plans or optimizing video and signage for new build-outs are some of the many ways Metro Services can enhance your communications capabilities.

    Conference Room

    Businesses and institutions that wish to connect through video conferencing are faced with many decisions. What size and definition should your primary screen be? What kind of microphones should you source and where should they be placed? Will your camera be outdated in a matter of months after you purchase it? How can the room be fitted neatly without a mass of wires littering the room? What software should you use? Our team of professionals can take care of all of this for you.


    Boardroom and educational settings alike have long relied on this large format presentation sharing system. Whether you are pitching to an important client or lecturing a hall of 500 students, we can find the optimal setup for your venue. What’s more, you won’t need a degree in engineering to operate it.


    This is a modern and economical alternative to labor intensive poster designing and mounting supplies. Communicate the latest news, deals, or services with a few clicks of a mouse. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work with you to find the best placement of these aesthetically pleasing and sleek digital devices.

    Contact a communications specialist with your toughest challenges

    CCTV & Access Control

    Customized CCTV & Access Control Installation

    Closed circuit video cameras and proximity card readers don’t sleep so you can. Our tailored security systems can help protect your building, office, or campus 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.


    Record crisp video through your own internal IP-based or digital CCTV system. This can greatly reduce theft and other dishonest activities. Camera installation and software can be customized to your specific requirements. Whether you need cameras to oversee the entry points of your space, to protect critical inventory, or simply as a visual hindrance, we will work with you come up with the most optimal solution.


    How people enter your space is the first step in any security plan. You may want to issue a card access system, an intercom or “buzz-in” setup, or turnstiles in your lobby. The choice is yours. Once they’re in place, you can run reports for tracking or institute levels of access for certain individuals who need it – e.g. a server room or freight elevator.


    Video intercom allows you to recognize a visitor calling at the main entrance before granting them access to your building. Video intercom systems are comprised of three simple components; external panel, door control unit, and internal monitor. Video intercom systems can provide a great addition to an existing access control system or be used standalone.

    Florida’s Premiere Technicians

    A personable and responsive Metro Services associate will listen to your needs and determine what kind of camera system and access control system you may require. They will discuss with you where cameras may need to be installed and customize a solution appropriate for your business needs. Monitor your office activities remotely via web browser or mobile app.

    Contact one of our specialists today!

    Structured Cabling

    Structured Cabling Infrastructure

    is the foundation on which all other technologies will run.

    No single technology investment will last longer than the structured cabling system. It must take into consideration not only the standards of today, but also must conform to the technologies of tomorrow.

    We realize that decisions concerning a building’s cabling system are complex and have a strategic and financial impact for years to come. For this reason, Metro Services approaches every project from a partner perspective. We take the time to understand where our customers are today, and where they want to be in the future.

    Keeping up with emerging technologies

    Today’s IT executive and network owner discussions are filled with terms like Big Data, BYOD, Cloud, Security, and Social Media. Rarely is the physical layer – Layer 1 of the 7-Layer OSI Model – part of those discussions. But ultimately, all network technologies lead back to this critical layer and the cabling infrastructure that supports it. If it doesn’t work, nothing works. And like the technologies around it, it is changing.


    Over the past decade, 1 Gbps copper connections proved to be effective, inexpensive, and relatively straightforward to install and test. As that era comes to a close, we see a movement from 1 Gbps copper to 10 or 40 Gbps copper, and even 100 Gbps fiber. As more data travels over each connection, each cable is that much more crucial.

    To complicate matters further, there is the issue of evolving standards. Where Cat 5 cable used to rule the day, now there’s Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, or Cat 7 copper and multiple types of fiber. There’s a broad range of industry standards, measurements, and compliance requirements – TIA vs. ISO/IEC, IEEE, etc. And for Wi-Fi, there’s 802.11a, b, g, n and soon ac (gigabit) and eventually ad (7 gigabit).

    No matter how diverse your technology systems, Metro Services Group’s on-staff engineers will help you implement a structured cabling system to meet your current needs – and also allow for easy integration of new technology solutions and future bandwidth demands. As your technology requirements grow and adapt, we make sure your network infrastructure grows and adapts with you.


    Whether you require Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7 copper, or fiber optics, Metro Services can fit you with the most suitable cabling system for your business.

    Outside Plant

    Whether you require manhole, burial, conduit, or aerial cabling, our technicians will ensure that the right fiber or copper lines are in place not only to keep your company communicating, but also make plans for possible expansions if needed.


    Whether you require Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7 copper, or fiber optics, Metro Services can fit you with the most suitable cabling system for your business.


    We will work with your local telephone, fax, or VoIP provider and take any structural challenges into account to run lines to the appropriate locations. Additionally, we can add more lines if needed, test for static and accuracy, then label them for easier maintenance.


    Does your building’s cell phone performance need a boost? We can provide you with multiple solutions to significantly improve voice and data performance of all cellular devices on any network inside of buildings with weak signal.

    With Metro Services, you’re never a number

    Metro Services Group has some of the best trained and experienced low voltage technicians in the industry. Our customer service driven approach circulates around responsiveness, working with you, and meeting hard deadlines to finish on schedule and on budget.

    Ask Metro Services how we can save you time and money