Audio and Visual Solutions for Your Business

Whether you are promoting your brand, instructing those eager to learn, or merely employing best infrastructure practices, Metro Services can bring clarity and vision to any obstacle.


From simple speaker installation to enhanced sound architecture, Metro Services incorporates art and science into every design.


With an increasing number of offices shifting to a more open plan with few walls or doors, pink noise and white noise generation requests have gone up in tandem. This allows more conversational privacy in roomy locations. Without pink noise, which is on the same sound spectrum as human speech, dialogue can be heard intelligibly from up to 50 feet away.


If you need to reach everyone or just someone specific, a paging system is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with people in multiple rooms, floors, and buildings. From small offices, to factory floors, to airports and schools, we can recommend a sound solution.

Sound Reinforcement

Through strategically placed wired/wireless microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and receivers, we can transform any space into a performance or learning environment. Our professionals will know what setup is right for you so the people in the back row can hear everything you say.


We live in a visual world. Retrofitting technology into existing plans or optimizing video and signage for new build-outs are some of the many ways Metro Services can enhance your communications capabilities.

Conference Room

Businesses and institutions that wish to connect through video conferencing are faced with many decisions. What size and definition should your primary screen be? What kind of microphones should you source and where should they be placed? Will your camera be outdated in a matter of months after you purchase it? How can the room be fitted neatly without a mass of wires littering the room? What software should you use? Our team of professionals can take care of all of this for you.


Boardroom and educational settings alike have long relied on this large format presentation sharing system. Whether you are pitching to an important client or lecturing a hall of 500 students, we can find the optimal setup for your venue. What’s more, you won’t need a degree in engineering to operate it.


This is a modern and economical alternative to labor intensive poster designing and mounting supplies. Communicate the latest news, deals, or services with a few clicks of a mouse. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work with you to find the best placement of these aesthetically pleasing and sleek digital devices.

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